We Know Insurers

We know insurance, and we know insurers.

Unlike many other firms that attempt to do everything and represent everyone, our focus is insurance, and we only represent clients seeking coverage, never insurers.  We know insurance.  When we handle your claim, we rarely are climbing a new learning curve.  

We have helped clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to individuals recover more than $40 billion and have dealt successfully with virtually every significant type of insurance for third-party liabilities and first-party losses.  

We have litigated cases in federal and state courts and arbitration fora around the country.  We have unmatched experience in domestic and London insurance insolvency matters.  We have extensive experience pursuing claims against insurance brokers.  

Our lawyers have dealt with every major insurance company and countless other insurers.  When we handle your claims, it is likely that we have encountered your insurers repeatedly over the years, in a variety of contexts.  We know what motivates them, how they deal with coverage claims, and who is calling the shots.  We know senior claims officials and major outside counsel for most of the significant members of the insurance industry.  Over the years, we have built strong relationships with many of these individuals.  We have litigated and settled innumerable claims against the insurers they represent.  We know how they operate.  They know what we can do in the courtroom, and that we also are always ready to negotiate in good faith to achieve creative and timely resolutions. 

What it boils down to is this:  Our understanding of the insurance industry, relationships with key claims and legal personnel, and level of credibility with insurers are unique and unparalleled.  This brings enormous value to our clients.