Strengthening Insurance

We can help strengthen your insurance portfolio at the outset.

We not only deal with coverage disputes once there is an insurance claim, we also advise clients on strengthening their insurance portfolios during the placement process before there is a claim.  Our goal is to help put in place a coverage program that minimizes the ability of insurers to raise coverage defenses and that maximizes the prospects of prompt recovery in the event of a claim.  Insurance is not merely a risk management tool; it is an asset whose value is a function of the extent to which it will cover any liabilities or losses you eventually may face.  We can help you maximize the value of that asset when it counts.

Our role is distinct from, and supplements, the role of your broker in placing your coverage program.  Our focus in reviewing a coverage portfolio is what will happen in the event of a significant claim in connection with your business.  What are the exclusions and other terms insurers will rely on to avoid their coverage obligations to you?  Are there effective and streamlined dispute resolution provisions?  Are all policies in a coverage program consistent and seamless?  What are the potentially problematic wordings and terms?  What alternative wordings and terms will avoid potential problems and strengthen the practical applicability of the insurance you are buying?  We know what happens when there is a significant claim, and therefore we can help you purchase coverage that avoids some of the pitfalls you otherwise might face when you need your insurance to respond to a claim.

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