Reneo Consulting LLC

We are pleased to announce the launch of Gilbert LLP’s new subsidiary, the strategic consulting firm Reneo Consulting LLC.

Reneo Consulting's mission is to help clients solve their most intractable and complicated problems and challenges. Its work is not limited to legal or insurance issues, but includes services such as strategic consulting, crisis management, enterprise risk management, dispute resolution, lobbying, and government relations consulting.

In addition to remaining chairman at Gilbert LLP, Scott Gilbert serves as Reneo Consulting’s managing director. Gilbert LLP senior partners Rachel Kronowitz, Craig Litherland, and Richard Shore also will serve as directors of Reneo Consulting. We draw upon a diverse pool of talent, including consultants, lawyers, experts, and advisors. Reneo Consulting shares offices with Gilbert LLP in Washington, D.C.

While we will continue to focus on insurance recovery and strategic litigation at Gilbert LLP, we are very excited to be able to serve our current and future clients in new and enhanced ways through this new subsidiary. If you have any further questions, do not
hesitate to contact any of our directors. To learn more about Reneo Consulting, please visit the Reneo Consulting LLC web site at

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