Our attorneys comprise the most focused and

effective legal team in the industry.

Elaine Andersen
Project Assistant andersene@gotofirm.com
Michelle Caruso
Legal Secretary carusom@gotofirm.com
Adam Gang
Paralegal ganga@gotofirm.com
Martay Green-Edwards
Senior Billing Coordinator green-edwardsm@gotofirm.com
Sheila Holeman
Legal Secretary holemans@gotofirm.com
Peggy Holland, Gilbert LLP
Peggy Holland
Conflicts Coordinator/Bankruptcy Billing Coordinator hollandp@gotofirm.com
Kevin Hough
Application/Litigation Support Specialist houghk@gotofirm.com
Christopher Justis
Paralegal justisc@gotofirm.com
Ellen Katkin
Director of Marketing katkine@gotofirm.com
Evan Kettig
Financial Services Manager kettige@gotofirm.com
Eliddia Mader
Legal Secretary madere@gotofirm.com
Chi Chi Marcus
Legal Secretary marcusc@gotofirm.com
James Martin
Technology Specialist martinj@gotofirm.com
Lisa Maust
Human Resources Manager maustl@gotofirm.com
Genna McLean
Legal Sectetary mcleang@gotofirm.com
Linci Nunez, Gilbert LLP
Linci Nunez
Paralegal nunezl@gotofirm.com
Nick Pizzi
Financial Services Assistant pizzin@gotofirm.com
Colleen Pope
Administrative Assistant popec@gotofirm.com
Deorsay Pratt
Senior Accounts Payable Coordinator prattd@gotofirm.com
Karen Richard
Receptionist richardk@gotofirm.com
Janet Sanchez
Paralegal sanchezj@gotofirm.com
Frank Schipani, Gilbert LLP
Frank Schipani
Director of IT schipanif@gotofirm.com
Stephanie Seymour
Paralegal seymours@gotofirm.com
Joy Shepard
Office Administrator shepardj@gotofirm.com
Scott Shockley
Senior Network Engineer shockleys@gotofirm.com
Mary Carter Smith
Legal Secretary/Marketing smithm@gotofirm.com
William Strehlow
Paralegal strehloww@gotofirm.com
Andrew Sturges
Paralegal sturgesa@gotofirm.com
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