Litigation as a Tool

We are formidable and aggressive litigators, but we realize that litigation is a tool, not an end in itself.

We have litigated and tried countless insurance coverage cases around the country, in both courts and arbitrations.  There are other firms that litigate coverage disputes, of course.  But unlike litigators at big firms who have a defense-oriented mindset, we think like plaintiffs.  We are always mindful of the fact that the insurers we face are holding our clients’ money.  

Often, the insurers’ goal is to hold that money as long as possible and to wear you down with expensive and burdensome delaying tactics.  We have no interest in long-drawn-out wars of attrition.  Our lean litigation teams focus on identifying key litigation pressure points and imposing maximum litigation risk on insurers as early as possible in a case.  

One reason we do this is to save money and time.  But we also know that most litigation is resolved in conference rooms rather than courtrooms.  Most lawsuits settle before judgment.  We certainly are ready, willing, and able to take cases to judgment, and on appeal, where that is necessary.  However, we make it clear to insurers from the outset that litigation is going to move swiftly, and that it will be painful and risky for them.  This brings insurers to the negotiating table sooner rather than later and makes settlement a more attractive option for them than continuing to litigate.