Liability Strategy

Our job often is not simply to recover your insurance; it is to help solve a more fundamental underlying problem. While maximizing insurance may be an important part of the solution, a broader approach may be required. As liability strategists, we are prepared to design and implement a comprehensive solution where insurance alone will not achieve your goals.

We do not simply assume that a liability problem has an insurance solution; we consider your situation in its broader context.

New clients frequently come to us because they have a liability problem and have heard about our capabilities as an insurance recovery firm.  They want to retain us to pursue their insurance claims.  Before we take on the insurance case, however, we make sure that we understand the full dimensions of the new client’s problem – so we can determine the best path to a solution.  We do not approach a client’s problem wearing insurance blinders.  Where a broader solution would improve our client’s situation, we also bring to bear our experience and skills as liability strategists.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to solving your liability problem.

Our role as liability strategists is less well known than our role as insurance recovery experts because the solutions are often confidential.  We employ a broad range of mechanisms to deal with otherwise intractable liability problems.  We regularly make use of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration.  We also use other tools, some of which we pioneered, such as corporate realignments, joint claim-processing facilities, bankruptcy approaches including “pre-packaged” plans of reorganization, risk-transfer mechanisms such as excess-of-loss insurance policies, and collateralization of insurance claims in underlying liability settlements.

We help you manage risk through a variety of risk transfer mechanisms.

We recognize that there are steps that can be taken before liability arises to help prepare our clients to deal with it.  In addition to helping clients strengthen their insurance coverage portfolios and avoid potential pitfalls during the placement process, we advise clients on other key aspects of their risk transfer programs.  These include indemnification contracts, additional insured endorsements, vendors’ endorsements, and insurance procurement agreements.  We help clients coordinate these elements to create a comprehensive risk transfer program.

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