Insurance Recovery

We use every tool in the tool kit, including many we invented ourselves, to help you recover the maximum amount of insurance coverage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We didn’t just learn the field of insurance recovery; our lawyers pioneered it.

We are formidable and aggressive litigators, but we realize that litigation is a tool, not an end in itself.

We have litigated and tried countless insurance coverage cases around the country, in both judicial forums and arbitrations.  As lawyers pursuing insurance recovery, it is important to remember we are plaintiffs.  Like you, we have no interest in long-drawn-out wars of attrition.  Our lean litigation teams focus on identifying key litigation pressure points and imposing maximum litigation risk and settlement pressure on insurers as early as possible. Click here to learn more.

We are settlement specialists.

Our emphasis is on prompt, efficient, and successful resolution.  We do not view settlement efforts as a mere afterthought to litigation.  Indeed, we do not assume that every insurance coverage dispute requires litigation.  We often can resolve insurance claims for our clients on a favorable basis without ever filing litigation.  But even when coverage litigation is pending, settlement is always a primary focus of our dispute resolution efforts.  Recognizing the importance of settlement in achieving our clients’ goals, we pioneered the use of separate settlement and litigation tracks in appropriate cases. Click here to learn more.

We know insurance, and we know insurers.

We are not a firm that attempts to do everything and represent everyone; our focus is insurance, and we only represent clients seeking coverage, never insurers.  When we handle your claim, we rarely are climbing a new learning curve.  We know senior claims officials and major outside counsel for most of the significant members of the insurance industry.  We know how they operate.  They know us; they know our reputation and they know our track record.  They know what we can do in the courtroom and that we are always ready to explore creative resolutions.  Our understanding of the insurance industry, relationships with key claims and legal personnel, and credibility with insurers are unparalleled. Click here to learn more.

Other firms say they are cutting edge – we can give you a list of our “firsts.”

We didn’t just learn the field of insurance recovery; our lawyers pioneered it.  Our attorneys created many of the techniques, strategies, and structures that have become the foundation of insurance recovery today.  And we continue to innovate.  Being cutting edge is not simply a slogan we toss around.  It’s in our DNA to think outside the box.  If your problem is unique, we will create a tailored approach to solve it. Click here to learn more.

We can help strengthen your insurance portfolio at the outset.

In addition to dealing with coverage disputes, we advise clients on strengthening their insurance portfolios during the placement process.  We can help you put in place a coverage program that minimizes your insurer’s ability to raise coverage defenses and that maximizes the prospects of recovery in the event of a claim.  Our role is distinct from the role of your broker.  We know what happens when there is a significant insurance claim, and therefore we can help you purchase coverage that avoids some of the pitfalls you otherwise might face when you need your insurance the most. Click there to learn more.

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