Firm Culture

Insurance recovery and liability strategy are what we do, but our culture makes us who we are.  It also makes Gilbert LLP an extraordinary place to work.  We think that not only makes us happier, it makes us better at what we do.


At Gilbert LLP nothing supersedes our devotion to excellence.  To us, excellence means an unyielding focus on successfully serving the clients' goals, not on gratifying our egos or a splashy press release.  We bring to every engagement our creativity and attention to detail.  We are not constrained by the way things have been done before, and we are continually inventing, refining and perfecting the approaches that will best serve each client's needs.  Read more about our firsts here.

Our senior lawyers understand that part of the way Gilbert LLP achieves this level of excellence is through guiding and teaching less experienced lawyers.  By investing in the potential of everyone, and having the confidence to allow our more junior lawyers to use their skills, we ensure that the tradition of excellence at Gilbert LLP extends to everything we do.


A lot of law firms talk about their spirit of "collegiality."   At Gilbert LLP our connections with one another go beyond a passing nod and smile in the hallway.  The firm was founded on the idea of practicing law with friends, and that idea remains at the center of our firm today.  

Our genuine friendships and mutual respect do much more than make Gilbert LLP a more pleasant place to work.  They allow us to work more effectively together.  We understand each other's unique strengths and talents and rely on all of them in our work.  Working effectively together allows us to achieve a better result than any of us could achieve alone.  

Our ability to collaborate begins with the lawyers and staff at Gilbert LLP, but we use our skills much more broadly.  We know that getting the best result for the client means effective collaboration with the client's in-house team, other counsel that may be involved on behalf of the client, other parties that may have similar interests, and even our adversaries.  In all of these situations, the nuances of working with others in the service of a goal – listening, leading, building trust – are second nature to Gilbert LLP lawyers.

Contributing to Others

A founding principle at Gilbert LLP is our shared belief in the obligation to contribute to the communities in which we live and work.  For lawyers, this often means volunteering our time and talents on pro bono legal services.  Since the firm's inception our lawyers have been privileged to make a difference through pro bono work.  In addition to traditional pro bono work, we regularly take on non-traditional cases championing justice in a variety of contexts. 

Our commitment to service is broadly shared not only by our lawyers, but by everyone at the firm.  We recognize that there are countless ways each of us can benefit the community.  Everyone at Gilbert LLP has the opportunity to participate in a wide array of community service activities.  Gilbert LLP also makes substantial financial contributions to the success and sustainability of a number of local and national charitable organizations. Read more here about the organizations we support and the recognitions we've received for our work.

Having Fun

Having fun and practicing law at the highest levels are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, we believe they reinforce one another.  Having fun while we work means lawyers and staff are excited to come to work each day to be challenged by cutting-edge problems and to solve them with their friends.  

The firm sponsors many social events, which, in addition to a few informal traditions, ensure that we all get to know one another outside the office.  But most importantly, we value perspective and a sense of humor.  We don’t stand on ceremony or hierarchy.  We laugh a lot.  We enjoy each other’s company, and we look forward to working together and to new challenges and successes.